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3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to your Product Page

3 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to your Product Page

Gorgeous pictures, immaculate copy, and tons of great reviews.


The product page is where the magic happens.


Next to the home page, your product pages are the most important for your website’s success.


Every backlink strategy for an ecommerce brand should always start with the product page. These are the most important pages to rank for on SERP because they drive traffic directly to the point of conversion—instead of a lengthy sales funnel process.


Product pages can be the most difficult to get backlinks for because they do not fit neatly in conventional SEO strategies.


This post discusses tips and tricks for getting backlinks to your product pages.


Blogger Reviews

Difficulty: 6
Value: 10

Bloggers provide an incredible opportunity for the ecommerce shop to bolster their SEO.


You might be asking—could I really get an influential blogger with a massive audience to link to my product page? Absolutely.


The reason is simple: content.


Everybody needs content. You need content, I need content, bloggers need content.


Conde Nast Traveler is an incredible travel blog that serves as an example of a perfect type of blog to get your product featured in.


Here is an excerpt of Conde Nast promoting a brand in the upstate NY area:

Backlinks to Product Page - Conde Nast traveler


Now, I don’t know whether or not this is an organic promotion by the content creators at Conde or not, but what’s clear here is that they are providing a number of backlinks to ecommerce products.


Checking out the ‘Mermaid Dry Shampoo’ leads you to a page on Captain Blankenship’s website—the company which sells the product.


Specifically, the one below:

Backlinks to Product Page - Mermaid Dry Shampoo


A couple things to note here: Conde Nast Traveler carefully curated content around Captain Blankenship’s products in an appealing way to a demographic fit and provided a ‘Do Follow’ link to their product pages.


How to Get Started

Start by identifying the key influencers in your industry.


Who are your customers following on Instagram? Whose blogs are they most likely to be reading?


Next, I recommend crafting a story around your product and work on building a relationship. Treat bloggers like you would a successful business person you are attempting to network with—because that’s exactly what this is.


The goal here is to get have the influencer conduct a product giveaway or review. You should ask for this only after you’ve built up the rapport.


Think about it as though you’re approaching a girl at a bar. You wouldn’t immediately ask her to go home with you—you’d probably get a drink thrown in your face.


You would start by buying her a drink, woo’ing her and then going for the close.


If you do a good job building a relationship with the blogger they will often do a review for a few units of free product, but some will request a cash compensation. I caution my clients to not immediately capitulate to these requests unless the opportunity is particularly good (high viewership, ideal niche fit).


When looking for the right opportunities important factors to consider would be their domain authority and monthly viewership. Viewership and domain authority are often tightly correlated. Tapping into the right network correctly will not only yield a backlink, but also put your product in front of thousands of readers related to your niche.


For more on the outreach process, I’d recommend Jason Quey’s Influencer Outreach Plan and my own post on the 125 Top Product Review Blogs (By Category).


Quora Answers

Difficulty: 3

Value: 6


Quora and similar Q&A style forums have long been an effective method of getting backlinks for your site.


The site itself has a very high domain authority—helping you get on the front page of search.


Here we start by finding relevant questions to the solutions your product offers. From there, write-up a high quality, relevant answer with a backlink or two included. These backlinks should serve to enhance your answers for when others want to explore the question further.


Again, the key here is to not come off as spammy.


Quora is an incredible forum where users have their questions receive high-quality answers with a short turnaround. Quora users expect quality.


If their users detect that you’re using their platform for self-promotion rather than to add value then you can expect to be downvoted and have your brand image tarnished.


Here is an example I found someone asking about how to grow their fashion ecommerce brand. My intention here was to provide value and use backlinks for users who want to deep dive the subject:

Backlinks to Product Page - Fashion Store Example


For the ecommerce store, I would recommend researching questions which relate to the problem your product solves.


Say, for instance, you own a company that sells dog toys. Good topics to research might relate to dealing with active dogs, how to get a dog to enjoy their crate, or keeping dogs mentally engaged.


Below is an example of a good internet citizen answering the question “How do you replace a car radiator?”

Backlinks to Product Page - Radiator Example


This would have been a perfect place for a manufacturer of radiators or coolant accessories to place a backlink of a product page.


Looking to start building out your own content? Check out our post on building a content sales funnel around the buyer’s journey.



Difficulty: 8

Value: 7


Reddit can be a tricky source to get backlinks, but if done correctly it can yield great results.


The website is divided according to different categories called ‘subreddits’. Each subreddit has its own set of publishing and behavior rules, style of content, and area of interest.


One of my favorite subreddits is r/ecommerce. In addition to r/ecommerce, there are more specific subreddits about sub-categories such as r/magento or r/AmazonSeller. There are literally hundreds of subreddits relating to just about everything.


If you’re new to this platform, you will want to start by leaving a few comments on other posts to get some ‘karma’. Karma is a social currency on Reddit which speaks to the value of your engagement on the site.


As far as internet communities go, Reddit is one of the shrewdest and most adverse to promotional material I’ve ever seen. When you post almost without fail you can expect your account to be researched by users to see where you have engaged in the past.


With that in mind, when you post here it is important to heavily value-stack your content.


Posting in a subreddit with a link embedded does not immediately pass link juice to your site. Your post has to get so many upvotes before the links in the posts are ‘Do Follow’ links.


A Better Lemonade Stand explains this concept really well (Purple = Do Follow, Pink = No Follow):

Backlinks to Product Page - A Better Lemonade Stand Reddit Example


While it’s unclear how many upvotes your post needs before it gets a ‘Do Follow’ link, upvotes are the deciding factor.


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