A:B Testing Case Study – GentechNutrition.com

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A:B Testing Case Study – GentechNutrition.com

Changes made to the control by the variable web page include:

  • Changing theme from Venture to Debut
  • Blog Post SEO Optimized
  • Search Engine-Focused Image Alt tags
  • Adding email subscription opt-ins
  • Updating banner headlines and copy
    • More punchy, less grammatical in phrasing in attempt to increase engagement/conversion.
  • Updated banner to being Daniel running instead of pictures of bottle with a lot of text overlay.

Venture Theme (Old):

Gentech Nutrition Case Study Venture Website

Debut Theme (New):

New Years Rush (1/1/2017-1/31/2017):

Web Traffic:

 Total VisitorsTotal Sessions
Winter Rush Totals648703
Av.  Per Day20.9022.68



Number of Days31
Total Order Revenue596.47
Average Revenue Per Day19.24
Average Orders Per Day0.2581


Conversion Rate: 1.24%

Control Metrics (2/1/2017-3/13/2017):

  • Blog Posts in this timeframe: 0
  • Social Media Posts in this timeframe: 3


Web Traffic:

 Total Visitors

Total Sessions

Control Totals



Av.  Per Day





Number of Days


Total Order Revenue


Average Revenue Per Day


Average Orders Per Day



Conversion Rate: 2.3%

Variable Metrics (3/14/2017-3/28/2017):

  • Blog Posts in this timeframe: 1
  • Social Media Posts in this timeframe: 5



Web Traffic:

 Total VisitorsTotal Sessions
Variable Totals194237
Av.  Per Day12.9315.8



Number of Days15 
Total Order Revenue347.81 
Average Revenue Per Day23.19 
Average Orders Per Day0.2667 
Daily Revenue Growth25.81% 


Conversion Rate: 2.06%


Conversions are down on a percent basis but not on a cash basis. Making an average of 25.81% more on a daily basis. Continue with the variable and increase sample size by number of days (perhaps 14 more for adequate sample size) and if the variable fails convert back to the control.

Traffic is up with the variable, not only overall but also trending to be increasingly so despite an expected traffic drop-off as of Sunday/Monday. You’re now looking at a 10% growth in new visitors and 18% increase in sessions (engaged previous visitors most likely). Based off of these statistics we can safely assume that the bounce rate is much lower as well, likely down as much as 15%.




-Continue with the variable, for now, implementing traffic driving measures such as blogging. *Aim for 2 blogs per week*

-Ensure that the average number of social media posts per day stays generally the same for more viable testing results. 

-Consider adding a standard FAQ page to product pages (either a link or a script in addition to the standard copy) as well as zoom features.

-Authentic video detailing why your created Gentech and the benefits users can expect.

-‘Client Testimonials’ on the home page, rather showing actual customers, with their pictures, on the home page and some of the things they have created.


The variable is clearly bringing in many more visitors who are much more engaged and making more money. Continue to adapt the variable (current website) in attempt to convert into sales.


To contact me directly you can reach me at rhodes@tekli.co.

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