Case Study: Gentech Nutrition – Conversion Optimized Website

Gentech Nutrition Website header

Changes made to Gentech Nutrition include:

  • Updated graphics
  • Updated copywriting on headlines and copy
  • Website overhaul
  • Addition of email subscription opt-ins

Control (Old):

Gentech Nutrition Case Study Venture Website


Control (1/1/2017-3/14/2017): 1.24% Conversion Rate

Change (3/15/2017-4/15/2017): 2.3% Conversion Rate 


Based off above we can conclude the changed website grew conversion rate. While a 2.3% conversion rate clearly means that there is much more area for improvement, an 85% increase is nothing to scoff at. Perhaps more importantly, our average daily net revenue grew by over 25%


To contact me directly you can reach me at rhodes@tekli.co.

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