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125 Top Product Review Blogs (By Category)

125 Top Product Review Blogs (By Category)


For the ecommerce store, product reviews are a precious commodity.


They provide social currency which help put your customers at ease and give them guidance as they make purchasing decisions.


On Amazon reviews even help you to outrank and outmaneuver your competitors—so long as they are positive. Product reviews on prominent blogs specific to your niche they can get your product in front of thousands of ideal customers and provide precious backlinks to your product pages.


A word of caution before you start your next PR push: do not be spammy. If you choose to reach out to these blogs do so in a way that is unique and relational.




These top technology blogs are perfect for emerging electronic brands. Tech blogs have some of the largest reader bases due to the technical nature of the products they review.


Here is our selection of the top 25:




Cosmetics blogs pertain to makeup and skincare products. Their readership is dominated by women between the ages of 14-29 looking for health and beauty tips.


Here is our selection of the top 25:


Parenting Related


Parenting blogs cater to both the new mom and the deeply involved parent. The most active viewers come here seeking the type community effective bloggers do well to cultivate.


Here is our selection of the top 25:




From dieting, to exercise routines, to lifestyle fitness blogs provide a community to the active individual.


Here is our selection of the top 25:


Crafts and DIY


Crafty blogs tend to be highly visual and include step-by-step tutorials as primary content delivery method. Most focus on crafts that are used in the home. With that said, if your product relates to home décor or the crafty processes it should play well with these blogs.


Here is our selection of the top 25:


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